when you see ur squad while you out with your parentsimage

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A list of Finnish words that tell you something about Finnish culture




- Kekkuloida = to prance or just hang around naked (yes, the word includes the presumption that you are naked)

- Örveltää = to be really drunk and do whatever you do when you’re really drunk, like crawling in a ditch somewhere on all fours

- Perskärpänen (literally “ass fly”) = a person who keeps following you without you wanting them to

- Röhnöttää = to sit with a bad posture or lie around because you are bored, lazy, or tired 

- Paskahalvaus (literally “shit paralysis”) = the state of being really fucking scared or startled

- Änkyrä = a person who’s very reluctant to change their own, usually backwards and bigoted views

- Änkyröidä = a verb derived from the previous noun

- Raivoraitis (literally “rage sober”) = a person who never drinks alcohol and might be very passionate about it

- Yrmy = a person who’s always grumpy or angry

- Perskannikka (literally “ass end-of-a-loaf-of-bread”) = a slang word for “buttock”

- Vongata = to repeatedly and annoyingly ask for sex from someone who’s not interested (i.e. to be a Nice Guy)

- Könsikäs = a big, handsome, masculine man that you find attractive

- Puliukko = a man who spends most of his time wandering about drunk, smells bad, and might be homeless

Feel free to add to the list. :D

I’d add there one thing that’s common word in my family but I’m not sure about the others:

-Örnöttää = being alone in a very distant place such as a summer cottage, not wanting to anyone disturb and being really grumpy even thinking about the possibility of anyone to come visit you.

bless u finland

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Tryfan by Matt(ikus) on Flickr.

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'Kilt Rock, Skye' by Saphirell

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Dreadful dissertation has been submitted and Lady Cas is back on the scene!! I’ve missed this joint more than I can say. 

Here’s me at the Wellington country seat at Stratfield Saye a few weeks before descending into the worst of the writing. 

Right, let’s see how many pages there are in three months of tumblr dash backlog… 


my make-up is on point but my life isn’t! haha follow for more clever jokes!!!


i want to live in a tree in a fairy forest and wear an ivy crown and eat honeycomb and flowers and i want to sleep on a carpet of moss and swim in a turquoise lagoon and fly around with owls all night

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*loves a character everyone hates even more just out of spite*





Michel Neigh was the only horse known to be promoted to the rank of Marshal of the Empire during the Napoleonic period.

Upon the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy, he was found guilty of treason and summarily shipped to a rendering plant.


Somehow I knew that was going to be mentioned.

Sorry. Had to be done.

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a moment of silence for the people whos notp is the most popular ship in what ever fandom they are in

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